Inaugural moot brings cultures together

Culture & Law Moot organiser Tile Imo is hoping this month’s inaugural moot at Banco Court becomes an annual event.

Does culture have a role to play in advocacy is the topic of the Culture & Law Moot to be judged by Chief Justice Bowskill, Justice Mullins AO and Justice Collier on Friday, 15 March, 6pm-8pm.

The Pasifika Lawyers Association Queensland (PLAQ) Secretary said: “We would love to see this moot become an annual event, and to see further investment from our profession into events like this to help foster the growth of thoughtful, dynamic and diverse lawyers who are proud of their culture or heritage, whatever that means or looks like for them.”

The event is supported by Queensland Law Society, PLAQ, Asian Australian Lawyers Association (AALA) and Queensland African Lawyers Network (QALN).

Tile said the motivation behind the moot was “to create a space for space for positive discourse around diversity, culture and inclusion; and an opportunity for networking amongst law students, the profession and the judiciary”.

There was a previous collaboration between some associations in 2021 for the Why Diversity event and they are encouraging participation again this year.


Magistrate Dzenita Balic said: “It’s importance lies in fusing what we do, which is advocacy, with who we are, which are culturally identifying and diverse people.  And that’s why this event is different and interesting.”

One of the QALN founding members, Olamide Kowalik said: “The benefits of taking part are the opportunities to meet someone new, someone from a different perspective to you, someone from a different culture to you, and to feel that you can belong and have a place in this profession in your uniqueness but also our collective duty to justice and to the law.”

There will be four teams of two speakers arguing for or against the topic at Banco Court.

PLAQ, AALA and QALN have all nominated teams. PLAQ speakers will be early career lawyer Tommy Lopau and Griffith law student Loise Au.  Barrister Jason Wang and law student Priya Virdee-Hero will represent AALA and from QALN, there will be law students Vwanganji Enobakhare and Frank Kabalu, with Lola Popoola assisting. 

Teams will be allocated 15 minutes and can get creative with arguments.

Organisers are still looking for a fourth and final team to argue the “for” topic.


AALA Vice President Linda Cho said: “This is a great opportunity to get involved, make a new colleague or friend, and for most of the mooters, to have the opportunity to appear before a panel of eminent judicial officers. 

“We are grateful that the Chief Justice Helen Bowskill, Justice Debra Mullins AO and Justice Berna Collier will be judging our moot.”

There is networking after the event which is free.

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