QLS renewals process rolling out in stages

From 2 April, law firms will be able to complete the first stage of a payment summary for practitioners as part of the online renewals process that starts on 1 May.

Detailed information was sent to all Managing Partners by the Queensland Law Society (QLS) on Monday, 25 March.

Completing a payment summary makes renewals easier and more convenient for organisations and practitioners by:

  • pre-selecting the subscriptions that you intend to pay for in your individual practitioner’s renewal form, which reduces the likelihood of incorrect/duplicate payments;
  • assisting QLS to allocate payments more efficiently, which reduces the likelihood of delays in issuing practising certificates.

Completing your payment summary

The payment summary is completed in two stages. Please note a payment summary only needs to be completed if you intend to pay for any subscriptions on behalf of your practitioners.

Stage one – Subscription selection

  • In stage one you can select the subscriptions your practice intends to pay for – including practising certificates, membership fees, other fees and accreditations.
  • These selections will be noted in your employee’s renewal form.

Stage two – Payment

  • Once all your employees have renewed their practising certificates, your organisation must confirm the employees, subscriptions and practice fees which will be included in a bulk payment. Payment can be made by either credit card or by another method.
  • Any subscriptions selected for your practitioners that have not been paid by 31 May 2024 will be requested to be paid directly from the employees.

Payment summary stage one should be completed by 30 April 2024.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the payment summary will be available in the QLS Renewals Guide for Organisations. A link to this guide will be emailed Managing Partners when the payment summary opens on 2 April.

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