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Property lawyers using PEXA will have the benefit of an international payment/foreign exchange service this month with the integration of Send.

PEXA will be at the Queensland Law Society Symposium as a major partner on 8 March at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

General Manager of Products Emily Hua said PEXA had partnered with Send to connect customers to a fast, secure, and competitive international payments service, to enable firms to send and receive money on behalf of clients with ease.

“The key driver to collaborate and build the integration with Send comes from customer feedback. PEXA customers want a more simplified and streamlined way to conduct foreign exchange transactions,” Emily said. 

“The benefits are an easier way for our customers to complete foreign exchange transactions. The latest integration that we’ve built will enable our customers to do it all in one place rather to use PEXA exchange for the conveyancing matters and then Send portal for their foreign transactions. So the key benefit is to complete their foreign exchange transfer as part of their PEXA transaction.

“It is a way of minimising that jumping in and out of systems, really streamlining and simplifying the process as much as we can for in-scope transactions.”


Emily explained that PEXA had released a pilot in December, trialling it with a few customers to get “early feedback” before broader launch in March as an end-to-end process.

“The key driver to using PEXA would be simplify your process and experience,” Emily said. “We’ve partnered with Send as their values align with us in regards to customer service.

“By utilising PEXA, you have the opportunity to further streamline your processes which would otherwise be a fragmented separate process outside of your conveyancing transactions. We have pulled it together to make it as easy as possible.”

Emily said this partnership was an “exciting step to be to able help our customers with these types of solutions” and gave PEXA greater control over the process to really help clients.

“We want to work with customers hence why we put the pilot out in December to test and get a lot of feedback,” she said. “For us this is about continuous improvement around these newer services they are partnering with in the market.”

She said the pilot had gone well with participant feedback saying it was simple and easy.


“The feedback really does give us a lot of confidence going to a broader release. We can see the value already with customers,” Emily said.

“It is a significant step for us with our partnership with Send and exciting opportunity to put out a solution for our customers based on feedback. We are excited to hear what our customers have to say about it, keen for feedback and want to continuously improve.

“Overall, it will provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for our customers conducting foreign transfers as part of their conveyancing transaction.”

Send Payments is an ASIC & AUSTRAC regulated financial services provider.

“The partnership has been successful in helping our customers with over 600 PEXA customer firms registering for their services,” Emily said.

QLS Symposium is the premier professional development event for generalist legal practitioners. It has been designed to equip practitioners with up-to-date knowledge, key strategies and practical tools. 


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