Family Law Act changes start 6 May

Most of the changes to the Family Law Act will start on 6 May 2024 after the Family Law Amendment Act 2023 and Family Law Amendment (Information Sharing) Act 2023 were passed by Federal Parliament last year.

The changes include new laws about how the courts will make parenting orders in the best interests of a child.

Practitioners or parties who are preparing to file an application in the court (such as parenting orders or a contravention application) should carefully consider their timing and the laws that will apply to finalise it.

Those who have a current proceeding in either court should carefully consider the timing of the next hearing in the matter. If the next hearing is after 6 May 2024, and based on an assessment of the relevant application provisions, the new law will apply to the proceeding. Practitioners and parties should ensure the submissions filed or made, and the orders sought, are in accordance with the new law.

Click here for more information on the changes.

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