Courts upgrade video conferencing system

Queensland Courts and QCAT rely heavily on audio and visual technology in their court and hearing rooms to undertake court proceedings.

The current video conferencing system has reached the end of service, and the Department of Justice and Attorney General has chosen the Webex platform to replace the legacy system.

With the change to the Webex platform, practitioners may experience some slight changes to joining future court events via video conference.

Before scheduled court matters, practitioners will be provided with joining details via email as they do now. The details will include a unique Webex joining link. At the court event time, practitioners should follow the email instructions and use the Join Meeting button or meeting link in the internet browser.

The link will re-direct practitioners to the Webex how do you want to join the meeting page. Select Continue in the browser. Note, users do not require the Webex application on their PC to connect to a Webex VC session.

On the Join meeting page, click Join as a guest on the web page. Users will be directed to the Guest sign in web page. Enter details and click Next.


Once practitioners have completed details as a guest, they will be taken to the lobby. The lobby is a virtual ‘waiting room’ for the court event. All parties that have joined the meeting are placed into the virtual lobby.

When the court is ready, the Associate/ Clerk or the Registry will let practitioners into the court session from the lobby.

The video conferencing equipment in all the Correctional Centre Suites has also been upgraded to Webex. While they operate the same way as before, the actual VC addresses have changed to new Webex addresses.

When practitioners need to connect with a client at a Correctional Centre via VC, the appropriate Corrections Officer will send the correct Webex VC address to use to connect to the suite at the facility.

To find out more about the changes to video conferencing in Queensland Courts and Tribunals, go to  Attending by Video or Telephone conferencing | Queensland Courts

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