DFV advocate named state’s first Victims’ Commissioner

Victims of crime advocate Rebecca O’Connor has been announced as Queensland’s first Victims’ Commissioner.

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of DVConnect/Victim Connect, Rebecca is also a co-chair of the Independent Ministerial Advisory Council, Deputy Managing Director of the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation and a founding member of the National Lived Experience Advisory Council for the Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission.

The Victims’ Commissioner will play a critical role in championing the rights of victims of crime and provide a platform for their voices to be heard within the criminal justice system, as well as addressing systemic issues impacting their welfare.

They will have the power to conduct systemic reviews of key matters relating to victims of crime and will review the State’s Charter of Victims’ Rights. They will also develop a website to help guide victims navigate the criminal justice process.

The role was established after recommendations made in the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce, Hear her voice: Report Two.

“Being appointed as the first Victims’ Commissioner is both a privilege and a profound responsibility,” Rebecca said.


“I am deeply committed to elevating the voices and concerns of those with lived experiences, ensuring our systems prioritise the rights and recovery of victim-survivors.

“In this role I have an opportunity to lead transformative change with courage and compassion. I am dedicated to removing barriers to justice and healing, ensuring that our systems not only support but also enable victims to thrive.”

Rebecca will start the role on 29 July, taking over from Interim Commissioner Jon Rouse.

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