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This is a popular primer on the basics of international commercial arbitration, first published in the QLS Law Talk blog.
Russell Thirgood, Erika Williams
Collecting evidence is an ongoing and important task from the beginning of any matter.
Kylie Downes QC
Beware – your window to the world gives the world a window on you!
Shane Budden
Third-party comments on your Facebook page are your problem, according to the New South Wales Court of Appeal.
Shane Budden
Supreme Court Library Queensland is continuing to restore a full library service as it moves into the third stage of its recovery roadmap.
Before moving from mediation to arbitration, there are a number of issues to be aware of.
Russell Thirgood
The Legal Services Award 2020 (the award) regulates the employment relationship for those employees falling within the coverage and classifications of the award.
Rob Stevenson
For mediators, it has created an immediate need to become familiar with the available videoconferencing platforms and to quickly become adept at using them.
Donna Cooper

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