Human Rights Act

Australia’s peak law body says it is time to reignite the conversation, calling on the Australian Government to implement a federal Human Rights Act.

Domestic and Family Violence

Queensland Law Society supports government and community efforts to fight domestic and family violence, with a focus on ensuring that lawyers are properly equipped to deal with the legal response to domestic and family violence.

Domestic and family violence – Gracie’s story

Throughout Queensland, solicitors regularly spend long-hours toiling away, volunteering their time free-of-charge to assist significantly under-funded community legal centres to provide fair and equal access to justice to the community’s most vulnerable people.

Queensland Coronial Legal Service

Demand for the services Queensland Coronial Legal Service provides is set to increase as Queensland’s population grows.


Call to Parties

QLS has called on the state’s political parties to consider and respond to priority issues in its 2020 Call to Parties Statement. Read more about important legal issues for the election here!  


Shape the future

Help us shape the future of the Queensland legal profession. The Future Leaders Committee (FLC) is a platform for next generation lawyers to launch their dreams, ideas and thinking for our profession. Read more about the opportunity to lead the profession into the future.

Future leaders needed!

There has probably never been a time the legal profession needed its future leaders more than now. But, why?


The road out

COVID-19 has caused many changes and disruption to our lives. As we still grapple with the new normal, read here about the legacy COVID-19 has left on the way we live and work and what this means for the legal profession.

Electronic documents

COVID-19 makes documents electronic

Of all the emergency measures implemented to meet COVID-19, one of the most anticipated by the Queensland legal profession was the regulation to alter the law relating to the execution of documents.

Digital Mediator

The digital mediator

For mediators, it has created an immediate need to become familiar with the available videoconferencing platforms and to quickly become adept at using them.


Have your say today

The QLS Access to Justice survey is now open. But what is Access to Justice and why is it important? Read here about why practitioners are passionate about Access to Justice and the value of having your say to help improve this area of law.

diversity and inclusion

We’ve come so far – but it’s clear that more needs to be done to build a genuinely diverse and inclusive profession

The language of ability

I am not totally blind, I am legally blind. There is a difference.
The definitive classification is having a visual acuity of 6/60.

Unconscious bias

Much time, energy and attention have been directed at diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession in recent years.

Photo of Linda

Still looking for true acknowledgement

The law and the frameworks of policing, justice and public service fail to understand and appropriately accommodate authentic First Nations realities. These frameworks create untold damage every day which remains unaddressed.

May 2020

Creating your new normal

Just like that our world changed. And while we weren’t ready for it, we do need to be ready for the new normal by refining and adapting our practice and procedures. Here are some perspectives, guidance and information to assist you.

Practice management for video conferencing

We are now relying on phone and videoconferencing facilities. It might seem easy enough to simply subscribe to an online videoconferencing provider – but have you considered the need for staff training to highlight security features and concerns of your chosen videoconferencing platform?

Work remotely, stay productive

Working remotely for an extended period can present new challenges, especially for parents when schools are closed. So, how can you stay productive while working from home?

Keeping yourself in good company

Showing kindness to ourselves, practising radical acceptance of who we are and taking care of our emotional, mental and spiritual needs are not things that are taught to us much, if at all.

April 2020

On parole

Granting of parole – or early release – is a controversial topic that always generates heated debate. Is early release of prisoners back into the community just a revolving door of justice or is the purpose of parole misunderstood?

First Nations solutions address a shameful crisis

It is one of the most heartbreaking and shocking statistics for any Australian state or territory, but the over-representation of First Nations people in our jails is both a tragedy and ongoing human rights crisis.

No body, no parole

For obvious reasons, the implementation of these newly minted laws fell into the remit of the reconstituted

Doing time beyond the crime

Queensland taxpayers are slugged an average $293 a day to house, feed, clothe and care for each and every person held in detention.

September/October 2019


Queensland’s legal profession has been disrupted by a number of factors including technology, innovative ways of providing legal services, oversupply of graduates and undersupply of experienced lawyers, and the rise of legal operations providers. How can the profession embrace innovation in law and respond to a world accustomed to digital engagement and on-demand solutions?

Meeting regulatory demands

Challenges for the legal function “The inability or reluctance of a lawyer to use common technologies should not occasion additional costs for other parties” –

The legal supply chain and the future of lawyers

There are six broad entities involved in the delivery of commercial legal services in the modern era. Collectively, we can think of these six entities, the value they each add and their interrelationships as the ‘legal supply chain’.

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