A message from our youngest QLS Councillor…

“Dust yourself off and give it a go”

– Chloé Kopilovic

Chloé Kopilovic, associate director at FC Lawyers has always been highly ambitious, passionate and a huge advocate for change in the legal profession.  

“I always wanted to be on the QLS Council, however, I didn’t anticipate joining so early on in my career. But I have absolutely no regrets,” she says.

At just 28 years old, with only 2 years post-admission experience (PAE), Chloé plucked up her courage, threw herself into the deep end and ran for QLS council; becoming the youngest lawyer to be elected.

“Networking with supportive peers and seeking out strong mentors is my biggest advice for up and coming lawyers. You need people to back you so you can back yourself.”

Throwing her hat in the ring was more than just a personal achievement for Chloé; it meant she had the opportunity to voice the issues directly affecting emerging lawyers at the highest level.

“At the time, there were no early-career lawyers entrenched in the Council. That’s why being elected was so important to me because I was able to then raise their issues and actually make some changes.”


She’s now encouraging other passionate practitioners to get involved with the upcoming Future Leaders Committee (FLC) election, opening on September 14 – tailored for lawyers just like her.

Chloé says this committee is exactly what the next generation of lawyers has been waiting for.

“FLC is going to provide massive opportunities for emerging lawyers to meet members of the legal profession nationally and statewide, as well as the judiciary and government.

On the 14th of September, nominations open for the first Queensland committee empowering the next generation of lawyers.

The Future Leaders Committee (FLC) election not only raises the voice of emerging lawyers, but it also provides an appropriate platform to advocate change, with the full support of the existing QLS Council.

 “This is your chance to make a change. Have courage, get up there and give it a go. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.”


Help shape the future of the legal profession. Find out more at about the Future Leaders Committee election:

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