QLS graduates kick-off their two-year graduate program

QLS Graduates

The second cohort of law graduates have commenced their first rotation as part of the QLS Graduate Program.

As the graduates settle in, working across the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre, Legal Policy team and the Office of General Counsel and Regulation, QLS Proctor wanted to learn more about these up-and-comers and ask what the future of the legal landscape means to them.

Meagan Liu

Hi Meagan! What attracted you to the legal profession and what have you learned to love about Law?

I chose to study law because I have always found the most joy and reward in helping others, and I believe that law is innately a helping profession. I was initially attracted to law when I came to understand that it underpins everything in our lives, and challenges you to look at things from multiple perspectives. I now enjoy other aspects of law such as solving challenging problems, interacting with people from all walks of life, and the opportunity for lifelong learning.

What made you decide to apply to the Graduate Program?

I was drawn to the Graduate Program at QLS because of how unique of an opportunity it is–to be able to serve the profession, and advocate for good law and the public good. As I am just starting out in my career, I have a lot to learn about how to be the best lawyer I can be, and I believe the Graduate Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for me to develop my personal and professional skills.

The culture at QLS is supportive and warm, and I feel very grateful to be able to learn from experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are experts in their fields. I also appreciate that the Graduate Program provides an insight into a diverse range of areas, and the opportunity to be involved in various QLS committees.

What lessons have you learned from you studies thus far and what do you look forward to developing further at the Society?

From my studies, I have learned the importance of being flexible and adaptable to change as the world continues to evolve. At university, we are not just taught what the law is, but how to find information, synthesise it and apply it in different contexts. I am keen to further develop my critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills from QLS’ unique perspective in the industry.


What’s your main driver for creating an impact on the profession?

I would really like to contribute towards fostering an inclusive and diverse legal profession.

Yale Hudsun-Flux

Hi Yale, I understand you have a unique educational background. What drew you to the Program?

I am a Law and Environmental Science graduate from the Queensland University of Technology. I am interested in how environmental science and legislative mandates intersect to construct our current framework for managing natural systems, and how good science can be used to inform this framework to better manage the environment. Naturally, this drew me to Environmental Law. 

I was drawn to the Graduate Program at the Queensland Law Society because it provides a unique opportunity to undertake traditional graduate legal work, such as litigation, whilst also engaging in niche areas of law, such as legal policy and legal ethics. 

What is a skill you’ve acquired that you’re ready to bring to your work at QLS?

During my studies, I learnt how important effective communication and interpersonal skills are in the legal profession. I am excited to build on these skills in my Legal Policy rotation, where I will be engaging with a range of different committee members and stakeholders.

What does the future hold Yale? What can you see yourself doing after your time at the Society?

I am interested in pursuing a career in environmental policy reform. I one day hope to combine my interest of environmental science with my knowledge of the law to develop policies that aim to better manage our natural systems.

Irene Gallagher

Hi Irene! Tell us about yourself and how you decided to pursue a career in Law?

I originally studied a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in International Relations). After I finished that degree, I decided I wanted to build on my skillset by studying law. My Arts degree inspired me to make a positive contribution to my community, and having a law degree gives me the skills and tools to make a practical difference. 


What core values have you identified through your studies that will take you through your legal pathway?

My studies taught me that time management and work/life balance are key, and the best way to succeed is through practice.

How can the Graduate Progam assist graduates to discover their preferred area of Law and where to direct their effort next?

I was initially drawn to the Graduate Program at QLS because of the rotations, which cover very different facets of legal practice and policy. As I am still working out what exactly I would like to do with my legal career, I value the opportunity to explore such different areas of the legal profession and engage with QLS’ Committees. 

I’m not sure exactly where I will find myself in the future, but I do know that I want my career to have a positive impact on the legal profession and promote access to justice for those who face barriers accessing legal information and services.

At QLS, I’m looking forward to developing my practical legal skills and expanding my knowledge about different areas of law.

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