New ransomware attack campaign: Does your firm use QNAP for backup and storage?

Network services provider QNAP is reporting a current ransomware campaign targeting its clients.  Some Queensland firms are affected.

More information and tools to block and remove the ransomware are available from QNAP.

If you use this service you should check with your IT support immediately so the recommended prevention can be deployed.

If your firm is affected you may be eligible for assistance under the QLS Cyber Essentials cyber policy. For more details check the QLS Cyber Essentials Webpage.

Ransomware is a significant threat to law firms.  In addition to the demand for payment to unlock your system (which can be avoided if you have an effective backup strategy) modern ransomware can steal client data. The firm is then blackmailed with the threat that this data will be released, and your clients are informed by the criminals that their data is in hostile hands and you are refusing to do anything about it.

For more information see the QLS website. You can also contact David Bowles at the QLS Ethics & Practice Centre on 07 3842 5843.

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