Cool court ‘lawyercat’ unfiltered – finally

Lawyercat – the Zoom sensation that entertained the nation a year ago – is back, and this time he’s looking purr-fectly cool and unfiltered.

In early February 2021, a Zoom-based video of a court hearing in the Texas town of Presidio, USA, went viral when one of the lawyers popped up on the screen as a fabulously fluffy feline.

The video, a deliciously hilarious 40 seconds of pure entertainment, showed three lawyers preparing to begin proceedings before 394th Judicial District Court judge Roy Ferguson.

One of those lawyers – and whose actual name is Rod Ponton – had been experiencing information technology malfunction and popped up as a cat and said those now famous words: “Can you hear me, Judge? … I am here live. I’m not a cat.’’

For those who haven’t seen it – the video features Mr Ponton struggling to disable a screen filter that shows a white kitten mask over his face, making it appear as though a cat is speaking to the court.

12 months on, Judge Ferguson has delighted fans of the video by tweeting footage of Mr Ponton finally overcoming the technical glitch – with a lot of help from a staffer – for the first time.


Judge Ferguson’s tweet reads: “SURPRISE! In honor and celebration of the 1 year anniversary (or is it the first birthday?) of #Lawyercat, I hereby give to you for the first time publicly, the actual end of the Lawyercat hearing. Enjoy.”

The video concludes with a very relieved looking Mr Ponton finally appearing on screen, now no longer a cat, and saying: “Here we go.”

Watch the video.

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