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Queensland Law Society has commissioned the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Queensland to investigate the impacts of COVID, technology and intergenerational change on the Queensland legal profession.

This is the first time an Australian law society has invited detailed consultation and insights into the reality of practising law in the current environment.

It is your opportunity to have your say by providing direct and confidential feedback on the current state and future of the Queensland legal profession. Findings from the research, being led by Professor Caroline Hart and Associate Professor Francesca Bartlett, will enhance the legal profession’s capability to adapt to and deal with challenges now and into the future.

We are seeking as many lawyers to participate in the Future Ready Survey and to encourage your colleagues to also contribute. This survey is the cornerstone of the university-led research that is fully confidential and bound by national research standards.

The survey is detailed. It needs to be detailed so that a clear and comprehensive picture across the diversity of the profession can be gained to determine what support, guidance and resources can best be deployed.

  • The survey takes about 30 minutes (two coffees!) to complete and is most easily accessed from a laptop/iPad rather than a mobile phone.
  • It does not have to be completed in one go. You can come and go as you please, returning to the survey, through the ‘Resume later’ option you will see in the top right-hand corner of the survey. You can then come back to it whenever time permits and this will not compromise your anonymity.
  • The survey is broken into three key topics: Technology, COVID (and weather events) and intergenerational change. You can also nominate other impacts you have experienced.
  • Owners and employees follow slightly different pathways through the survey, keeping it relevant for each.
  • The focus of the survey is on
    • Sole (1 practising certificate)
    • Micro (2-5 practising certificates)
    • Small (6-19 practising certificates), and
    • Medium (20-49 practicising certificates)

law firms across Queensland.

  • All data is fully confidential and de-identified.

The target is to hear from 1000 lawyers across Queensland! Every single completed survey gets us closer to that target. Every single response helps define more clearly the reality of legal practice and where we need to be.

Outcomes from the research will be used to advance financially sustainable and professionally rewarding legal practices now and into the future.

This is the link to the survey: Either complete the survey now, or click this link to schedule a reminder in your calendar.

Findings from the survey will be made available through QLS Proctor.

Thank you for your support.

Professor Caroline Hart is the Associate Head (Engagement) at the School of Law and Justice, University of Southern Queensland. Francesca Bartlett is an Associate Professor at the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland. Aaron Timoshanko is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law and Justice University of Southern Queensland.

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