Grad blasting My Chemical Romance on repeat says she is ‘definitely okay, promise’

Once upon Eagle Street Pier-y

A law grad sat and pondered weakly,

“Should I quit while I’m ahead,

then quickly go and lay in bed?”

A ‘simple task’ was set before her,

or so-called by the older lawyer.


In her ears were placed her buds,

From far away you hear the thuds.

“I’m not okay” screamed MCR

Across the room and not too far

A fellow grad chose then to stand

And find the listener of the band.


“Are you okay” was the question asked.

The first grad continued, typing fast,

“Oi dude, I’m talking to you”

The second will soon be in need of rescue.

All at once, the music stopped,

And on four coffees the first was hopped,


“Yeah, justsomenormalpalpitations –


A quick thumbs up, after a pause.

“Promise?” checked the ‘fresh to law’.

“Yeah,” she said then answered a call

And slowly pushed pins in a voodoo doll.


The doll bore resemblance to a higher-up…

One that indeed had a recent blow-up.

Perhaps the second would let it be,

Lest a new doll appear…  and looked like he.

Thank you to The Legal Forecast for sharing its Denuto’s Vibe column with QLS Proctor readers. Enjoy! Author: Annabelle Lee (pseudonym) Editor: Dana Heriot

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