Firm excitedly welcomes part-time law student, and her LexisNexis log-in details

A suburban law firm has proudly welcomed the newest addition to their team – Stephanie Backward-Smith, a second-year law and arts student.

The firm’s announcement received a lukewarm reception from the public, garnering 17 likes on Instagram. However, managing partner Hugo Taylor was palpably excited by this latest addition to the firm’s resources.

“We are really excited to have Stephanie join our team. She brings enthusiasm, talent and of course a university log-in to an array of important databases and resources.

“It’s all about planning for the future. We want our law firm to have the best talent, and we want that talent to be able to access and print out authorised copies of cases which are only available with a hella spenny LexisNexis subscription.”

When asked about her view on her new role, Stephanie expressed that she was excited to be offered a part-time legal role which will enable her to gain valuable experience whilst completing her studies. She did however express some concerns.

“I thought it was a bit weird when Mr Taylor asked me to send a firm-wide email with my university student password in it… I guess that just comes with the territory. Besides I’ve already told them my grades, so there’s really nothing else they can access that is personal.”


Later that evening, Ms Backward-Smith was celebrating her first day on the new job by having a quiet drink with friends, when she received a desperate phone call from Mr Taylor asking if she had ‘received a two-factor verification password in the last two minutes’.

Thank you to The Legal Forecast for sharing its Denuto’s Vibe column with QLS Proctor readers. Enjoy! Author: J.R.R. Toucan (pseudonym) | Editor: Dana Heriot

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