Opposable thumbs (an ode to working late)

John sported red cheeks each PM,
Even Google Maps could’ve seen ’em,
But they were not from him blushing,
Or from hastily rushing,
But from an absence of consensus ad idem.

Another day meant finding other dimes.
A statement synopsising John’s time.
For unlike raw dough,
Dimes don’t leven on their own,
And so each evening was rounded with wine.

Craig was a lawyer at heart,
But instead his degree was of Arts.
Heart and mouth were attached,
So each sentence dispatched,
Was with volition, but not very smart.

John and Craig were both apes at their best,
They both revelled in beating their chests,
Til one day rose a topic
Whilst both were myopic,
“How do I love?”, well, they sat there suppressed.

It’s of no matter that both men knew nothing,
For their careers were predicated on bluffing.
Each time air passed their lips,
They both prayed it would stick,
But their wives were outsourcing their loving.

So both John and Craig sat in bliss,
Unaware they, by their wives, were not missed.
They carried on and bickered,
While the barman just snickered,
As he arrived from Craig’s house for his shift.

Author: Harrison Jans

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