All parts of legal system must work together to address youth justice issues

In response to recent criticism regarding the effectiveness of the state’s court system, Queensland Law Society released this statement yesterday:

QLS acknowledges community concern around youth justice and criminal law matters and the impact on Queenslanders.

The courts are an integral, but one part of our justice system.

Courts are comprised of highly skilled and highly trained judicial officers who are independent and impartial in their reasoning.

The prosecution and defence are the other participants in the justice system who are able to exercise rights of appeal if they are concerned with judicial decisions.

“It is essential that all parts of the justice system work effectively together to preserve the separation of powers and uphold the rule of law. This begins with the enactment of considered, evidence-based policy and legislation,” QLS President Chloé Kopilović said.


“In this regard, we note the truncated consultation timeframes, especially in relation to youth justice legislation.

“Our view is that lengthening these timeframes at the outset to allow for comprehensive consultation has positive impacts on the legislation enacted which in turn improves their practical application within the justice system.”

QLS stands ready to assist the government in future consultations, and to support the public in understanding matters concerning sentencing.

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