Justice Baumann managing FCFOA list

Following the presentation by Justices Baumann and Campton to stakeholders on 17 August 2023 concerning the decentralisation of the National Arbitration List, practitioners should be aware Justice Baumann is managing the Queensland Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) arbitration list.

Senior Judicial Registrar Thiele will assist Justice Baumann with the administration of this list including the making of chambers orders transferring proceedings to Division 1 and the list generally, bifurcating proceedings (by consent), issuing subpoenas in arbitrations and other applications (s13F) in an arbitration where delegated power exists. Wherever possible this is to be conducted in a manner that keeps the court’s involvement to a minimum.

Matters seeking the making of an order pursuant to s13E and inclusion in the arbitration list are requested to email where that will be dealt with promptly.

The chambers of Justice Baumann will next mention the proceedings subject to the arbitration six months from the date of the chambers order or as required should an issue requiring judicial determination arise.

All other matters relevant to existing arbitrations or applications in an arbitration should, in the first instance, be referred to SJR Thiele where the issue may be dealt with promptly in chambers or alternatively a short mention via web conference will be convened as soon as practicable.

Consistent with Core Principle 4 of the Central Practice Directions, the court encourages parties and practitioners to explore arbitration as an appropriate means of resolving disputes according to law quickly, inexpensively and efficiently.

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