Former FLC President votes to speak up

Joining an old and distinguished profession may feel overwhelming at times for new lawyers but Matthew Hollings has a solution.

A former President of the Queensland Law Society (QLS) Future Leaders Committee (FLC), Matt was a “little older than most” when he joined the committee.

“I was at the top end of the allowable age bracket,” the Director of eDiscovery services consultancy, Sky Discovery, said.

“But I was motivated to join on the basis that I think as a junior or younger professional or even someone not so young early in their career it’s easy to feel a bit intimidated or lost or struggling to find your place.

“Having the FLC really gives a voice to that cohort, helps to advocate on behalf of people who might be feeling that way and institute a range of different policies, procedures, functions and events that help to support that group in finding their place and growing the profession and having longevity amongst that group.

“It’s no secret that there is obviously a significant rate of attrition in the early years of a lawyer’s career and I think anything that can be done to improve that and have happy, healthy connect lawyers taking up the mantle for future years is a good thing.”


The third FLC election is under way this month. There are 19 candidates running in the election, which is seeking six committee members.

All full QLS members who are either 35 or younger or have less than five years PAE as of 5 February 2024 are eligible to support candidates and vote. So members born on or after 6 February 1988, or were admitted on or after 6 February 2018, are eligible to support candidates and vote in the election.

Matt says the FLC serves and supports newcomers to the profession, and encourages them to become involved with the committee.

“Ultimately, it is a profession that they are part of, and if they want to be in it for the long haul, I think should have a real interest in ensuring that it represents them now but also their motivations for the future.

“I know there can often be criticisms and complaints about what people want to see or how they want the profession to function or how they want to be supported. I think the best way to see those addressed is by being part of that change. I think the FLC provides a real outlet and framework for those who are really motivated to do that, to be a part of it.”

Matt said the FLC had found its place in the profession after a long history of ECL bodies and institutions within the QLS.


“This more recent formalisation has allowed younger, more inexperienced lawyers take a hold of their careers,” he said.

“There have been a lot of fantastic initiatives, having some input on education and the way CPD is rolled out to that early career group, they have looked to unite from a social perspective.

“There is a really amazing set of initiatives that are in place, things like The Hub that centralise all early career and young lawyer content in an easy-to-access location, as well fantastic things like Georgia’s podcast (The Callover) is a highlight for a lot of early career lawyer and also older lawyers too who are interested in what’s being said and addressed in those sessions.”

Voting opens today and Matt is encouraging members to have their say.

“Ultimately you want to vote for someone who best represents you and your interests, like any election,” he said.

“I think not voting means that you’re not taking an active role in changing, if change is what we need to see, the profession for the better.


“So for serving the needs of your group, young and early career lawyers at this point in time, and most importantly for the years to come, so make sure you cast your vote and find people are going to advocate for your needs and interests.”

Voting closes at 4pm on Thursday, 29 February. Results will be announced on Friday, 1 March.

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