Solicitors encouraged to sign up to National Pro Bono Target

The Australian Pro Bono Centre warmly invites members of the Queensland Law Society to become signatories to the National Pro Bono Target (Target). 

What is the Target? 

The Target is a voluntary and aspirational target of at least 35 hours of pro bono legal services per lawyer per year.

There are currently over 230 current signatories to the Target,  You can view a list of current signatories here.  

Signatories to the Target have collectively reported over 4.3 million hours of pro bono legal work since its commencement in 2007. 

Why should you sign up to the Target? 

Through involvement in pro bono work, lawyers can use their unique skills to support a wide range of vulnerable individuals in our community and provide vital legal assistance to community organisations. Undertaking pro bono work can also enhance solicitors’ professional and personal development. Many solicitors are already helping others in this way.

Others are keen to participate and indeed many feel an ethical professional responsibility to do so. Although the Target is entirely voluntary and unenforceable, becoming a signatory prompts involvement in pro bono work and helps each solicitor to set a goal for the amount of pro bono work they will undertake each year. 


Moreover, by signing up to the Target, the centre is able to formally recognise and record that work and, in doing so, inspire other solicitors to become involved. The centre publishes a de-identified report on pro bono hours performed by Target signatories each year and, through a variety of publications and events, showcases a range of pro bono work and lawyers involved to recognise this dedication of time and skills and its impact. 

Significant professional and personal benefits ensue from using your skills to help those in need. Please see the link below to learn more and sign up. 

Helpful resources to get started

Last year the centre created two guides that new Target signatories have found to be very useful resources. The first guide is the Pro Bono Guide for Individual Lawyers, a guide for lawyers interested in undertaking pro bono volunteer work in a personal capacity, outside of a formal employment program. The second guide is the Pro Bono Guide to the Climate Crisis, a guide describing the many ways in which lawyers can get involved in pro bono work to help combat the climate crisis featuring a range of case studies from around the world.

How to sign up to the Target 

Learn more about the Target, and how to become a signatory. The centre stands ready and willing to support you on your pro bono journey.  

If you have any questions, please contact the centre by email at

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