Public Trustee and QLS promote advance life-planning in Wills Week

Advance life-planning is not always an easy topic to talk about.

Many Queenslanders may not think to update their will and advance life-planning documents to reflect the significant life changes that occur and how their wishes change throughout life’s journey.

Wills Week, from 23 to 29 August, celebrates significant life events and changing perspectives on the legacy we hope to leave behind. It provides an opportunity for people of all ages to gently reflect on their wishes and empower Queenslanders to start advance life planning.

This year, the Public Trustee has teamed up with Queensland Law Society to promote advance life-planning through Wills Week with activities focused on the theme, Wishes Change.

Through a series of resources, communications, activities and events, Queenslanders will be encouraged to reflect on advance life-planning and consider how significant life changes might influence their current or future arrangements.

Queenslanders are being asked to self-reflect and seek professional advice from a solicitor with the assistance of the QLS Find a Solicitor search function.


QLS President Elizabeth Shearer said supporting the Public Trustee for Queensland Wills Week was an opportunity to help educate Queenslanders about succession law, as well as the value of planning ahead.

“Not having a will means extra stress on your loved ones, and additional costs at a very difficult time,” Ms Shearer said.

“Making a will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family, but the conversation with a solicitor before you make a will is just as important. People are often surprised to learn that some of their assets may not be dealt with in their will, and other steps are necessary to implement an estate plan.

“It is vital to have professional advice and solicitors right across Queensland can provide this, including 43 solicitors accredited as specialists in succession law. You can find a solicitor to help you using our Find a solicitor search tool on the Queensland Law Society website.

Wills Week resources and more information are available on the Wills Week website –

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