Message on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Queensland Law Society President Kara Thomson has issued a condolence message on behalf of the Society following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The message reads:

Queensland Law Society joins the Australian legal profession in paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who served her peoples in the United Kingdom and abroad with unfaltering dedication for seven decades.

Her grace and humility will continue to shine as an object lesson for all who would lead with dignity.

As solicitors, we reflect on her dedication to her role, her compassion for all, and her adherence to the principles she stood for.

As citizens, we will miss that comforting presence in our lives and the simple reassurance of stability it engendered.

As one, no matter our political beliefs, we give thanks for a life of service well lived.

Queensland Law Society offers its condolences to the royal family and all those who grieve for Her Majesty.

Kara Thomson
President, Queensland Law Society

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