Proposed laws to double monitoring of child sex offenders

Queensland will soon have the nation’s longest child sex offender monitoring and reporting condition periods under proposed legislation to be introduced in Parliament this week.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said in a statement yesterday that new laws would double the amount of time a first-time child sex offender would be subject to police monitoring and reporting.

Under the new regime, the monitoring period for first-time offenders will be 10 years, compared with five years previously.

In addition, the monitoring period for repeat offenders will also double to 20 years, while the most serious child sex offenders will be monitored for life.

“These reforms will establish the longest, strongest, most comprehensive monitoring laws in relation to child sex offenders in the nation,” Mr Ryan said. “Child sex offenders are among the most heinous of all, and they deserve to be subject to the longest, strongest and strictest monitoring and reporting regime in the nation.”

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