Criminal law professor foments revolution by sneaking cultural Marxist propaganda into take-home exams

Professor Danya Mitskaya took another sip of her водка and turned away from the typewriter, it was reported.

It had all gone according to plan. The first version of the exam had been mere bait. From rumours spread among students who went to the same neo-Bolshevik reading groups she attended, and from her own experiences in tutorials, she knew campus conservatives were a bunch of softies.

It didn’t take much prompting for the loudest one among them to feel victimised and leak the assignment to media. As if portraying the anti-vaxxer trust-fund baby as a HIV-spreading murderer was meaningful defamation. The student probably thought she was setting up a career for herself as a morning talk show host by leaking to the Murdoch press. If only they knew, knew the crimes against capitalism she was plotting.

The real ploy had been to sneak in the second copy of the Criminal Law assignment in the chaos afterwards, without the usual scrutiny. The real propaganda. The neatly-wrapped package of Critical Race Theory and Frankfurt School jargon that would turn the smartest students in NSW into foot soldiers for the Party.

Sleeper cells, walking into the halls of power. Waiting for the day a single word spoken on ABC Radio National would activate them. When they would make Safe Schools a compulsory HSC subject. When they would send every white, and every straight, person, back to the UK by ship. When they would invite Chinese foreign agents to finally take over the Australian housing market.

Not since the success of that Corporations Law exam in 2013 had she pulled off such a feat. Under the guise of a fake bomb alarm, she and her comrades had snuck actual ammunition into the university. It was because of their unwavering commitment to the ideology of Cultural Marxism that the University of Sydney had expelled the neoliberal Mikhael Spenkov. It was because of the weapons these hardened SJWs hid under their staff kitchens that the Ramshackle Centre had failed to get a foothold on the university.


But the decisive victory had come today, the same day that conservative columnists thought they had thought the Sydney University Faculty of Law to back down. Oh, how wrong they were!

More to come.

Thank you to The Legal Forecast for sharing its Denuto’s Vibe column with QLS Proctor readers. Enjoy! Author: Daniel Zola | Editor: Dana Heriot

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