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Human Rights Act​

Australia’s peak law body says it is time to reignite the conversation, calling on the Australian Government to implement a federal Human Rights Act.

Domestic and Family Violence

Queensland Law Society supports government and community efforts to fight domestic and family violence, with a focus on ensuring that lawyers are properly equipped to deal with the legal response to domestic and family violence.

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First Nations

A spotlight on First Nations and the law



How can we step up to meet the challenge of judicial bullying?
, Sean Kelly, Kelly Legal
Some 2500 years later, it seems we are bidding a fond farewell to a key ritual of society.
, Shane Budden

In business

In practice


Some people seem to thrive on conflict. Have you ever been at the receiving end of extreme and volatile behaviour, blame-shifting tactics and unnecessary drama? Chances are that working as a solicitor, you have had your fair share of encounters with high-conflict personalities (HCPs). Read on to find out more how to spot them early on and how to use the BIFF method as a helpful communication tool.
, Rebecca Niebler
They’re everywhere: low carb and no-carb diets for weight loss. However, like with any diet or trend, we need to know the risks and how to meticulously manage them. One of the prominent risks of a low/no-carb diet, especially when actioned without the supervision of a professional, is impaired memory and cognitive function. Here's what the science says...
, Hannah Wilson
To provide their colleagues and peers with practical and useful ideas on how to prioritise and strengthen health and wellbeing, members of the Wellbeing Working have each contributed their top wellbeing tips. Let us know your favourite!
, QLS Wellbeing Working Group

Outside the law

You may recall that last column I pointed out our brains are out to get us... I come forth now with more proof.
, Shane Budden
Here are five books I think every lawyer should read – not that everyone should, because that list is too broad, and incidentally would start with The Lord of the Rings...
, Shane Budden
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