Human Rights Act

As the clock prepares to ring in the first anniversary of Queensland’s Human Rights Act, QLS and Caxton Legal have collaborated to produce the series of articles and perspectives documenting the long-road to legislation, its application so far, and the impact across the state.


2020–the perfect year to introduce a Human Rights Act

Introducing a major change to public sector accountability can be a difficult task in the best of times. Throw in COVID-19 just three months into implementation, and the degree of difficulty goes to the next level, right? Well, yes but no.

Domestic and Family Violence

Queensland Law Society supports government and community efforts to fight domestic and family violence, with a focus on ensuring that lawyers are properly equipped to deal with the legal response to domestic and family violence.

Creamer smiling and holding his Mum

First Nations

A spotlight on First Nations and the law



In business

This article steps practitioners through the procedural and other requirements for preparing a Federal Court appeal.
, Kylie Downes QC, Jane Menzies

In practice


Whatever the psyche behind New Year's resolutions, they are a big thing in the fitness world. Chances are, sitting at your desk before the holidays, you were not considering joining a new gym in December. But should you have been? And what can you do now to take your health into your own hands.
, Ellie Bowden
December and January are loaded with family, fun, food, drinks and spontaneity. If you’ve set yourself some key health or performance goals across this time, then you could be feeling anxious about getting through the next couple of months.
, Hannah Wilson

Outside the law

In 2015, Judge Middleton of the Federal Circuit Court found himself keeping pace in a 261 km, 6-day ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert. An avid runner all his life, Judge Middleton has learned a lot from long-distance running forming his values on life in and outside the Court.
, Erin MacKinnon
Asserting your right to exist, your right to be human, is not a choice, it is a necessity. This message instilled in Karen at an early age and has stayed with her through her legal studies.
, Sheetal Deo