The state of youth justice

In 2019, Proctor took an in-depth look at the issue of youth justice and detailed the (then) current state of affairs in youth justice and spoke to people who dealt with the issue on a daily basis. Given the current focus on the issue, QLS Proctor has re-published these articles to help inform and inspire conversation around youth justice. More articles will be added to this Spotlight series as the current debate on youth justice unfolds.


2020–the perfect year to introduce a Human Rights Act

Introducing a major change to public sector accountability can be a difficult task in the best of times. Throw in COVID-19 just three months into implementation, and the degree of difficulty goes to the next level, right? Well, yes but no.

Domestic and Family Violence

Queensland Law Society supports government and community efforts to fight domestic and family violence, with a focus on ensuring that lawyers are properly equipped to deal with the legal response to domestic and family violence.

Creamer smiling and holding his Mum

First Nations

A spotlight on First Nations and the law



A complex and delicate debate has begun between advocates, legal practitioners and criminologists. Should 'coercive control' be criminalised to protect victims of DFV?
, Lexi Kehl

In business

In practice


Being a trusted manager, advisor, or team colleague is something that most people aspire to achieve. However, a lack of trust is one of the most commonly quoted reasons for low performance, disengaged employees, and floundering workplace cultures. So what can you do to increase trust within your team?
, Rebecca Niebler
Building positive and sustainable habits are the secret to achieving your goals. We often fall for the misconception that making a big change in your life will require grand gestures and implementing massive behaviour modifications overnight. But it is persistence and determination taking thousands of small repeated actions that will get you there
Dealing with conflict and difference of opinion is part of the daily routine for most solicitors. There never seems to be a shortage of issues–be it, confrontational clients, quarrelling colleagues, or an aggressive opposing party. What are your strategies for managing disagreements constructively?
, Rebecca Niebler

Outside the law