Are law graduates ready for the real world?

A new research project is looking into whether Queensland law graduates and newly admitted lawyers are adequately prepared for the ‘real’ world.

Focus on voluntary assisted dying

QLS Proctor looks at how voluntary assisted dying is expected to work, and also republishes a 2019 special feature that offered a range of viewpoints on this topical subject.

Community legal volunteers group photos

Community legal volunteers

Queensland has 34 not-for-profit community legal centres (CLCs). They have a long, established history of harnessing volunteer support and providing pro bono legal advice and assistance to society’s most vulnerable.



Both state and federal leave provisions are available to those who suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth, along with their partners.
Glen Cranwell

In business

The QLS Future Leaders Committee wraps up the year that was and looks forward to 2022.
Kate Pidgeon, Minnie Hannaford

In practice

Sending text instructions to a witness providing testimony remotely has led to significant disciplinary consequences for a US lawyer.
Shane Budden


As restrictions continue to ease and we approach the year's end, are we forgetting COVID-19's effect on mental health?
Simon Playford

Outside the law

Art is flourishing in the shadow of Brisbane's courts, with a pop-up gallery delivering artworks that echo its name, Mostly Legal.
Tony Keim
For those who aren’t mechanically inclined, I advise that the brakes are the thing on the car which stops it from moving.
Shane Budden