2020–the perfect year to introduce a Human Rights Act

Introducing a major change to public sector accountability can be a difficult task in the best of times. Throw in COVID-19 just three months into implementation, and the degree of difficulty goes to the next level, right? Well, yes but no.

Domestic and Family Violence

Queensland Law Society supports government and community efforts to fight domestic and family violence, with a focus on ensuring that lawyers are properly equipped to deal with the legal response to domestic and family violence.

Creamer smiling and holding his Mum

First Nations

A spotlight on First Nations and the law



In business

In practice


Women in Law, particularly in leadership, are a celebratory development in modern society and it is a fight that is still being fought today. One of the challenges facing women is spoken of far less often–when women in leadership don't support each other or even go so far as to bully.
Similar to nature meditation where you focus on being aware of our surroundings whilst in nature, joyspotting is the mindfulness practice of becoming attuned to the joy in our surroundings. So, how do we practise joyspotting while rushing to work and going about our day?
, Lauren Phelps

Outside the law

Some years ago I found myself on a panel reviewing applications from law students for summer clerkship positions in a law firm. As we worked through the amazing applications from outstanding students, I began to seriously question my credentials for the role.
, Fiona Yeang