Call to Parties

QLS has called on the state’s political parties to consider and respond to priority issues in its 2020 Call to Parties Statement. Read more about important legal issues for the election here!  

Motor vehicle disputes at QCAT: Some practical observations

On 1 September 2019, the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Yvette D’Ath, issued a press release entitled ‘New “Lemon Laws” put squeeze on dodgy car dealers’.

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Future Leaders Committee

We’re calling for the next generation of lawyers to step up and ‘shape the future’ of the Queensland legal profession in the first ever democratic election just for QLS full members 35 years old or younger, or with less than five years PAE.

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The people and practice of law were very different in the mid-20th Century. Among those who successfully moved from one 'world' to the next was Jim FitzGerald.
Patrick FitzGerald, Dr John de Groot
Whether to conceal or disclose to an employer that you are disabled is a dilemma faced by many - do you "come out" as a person with a disability or not?
Fiona Yeang

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Rebecca Niebler uncovers five simple actions you can implement daily to protect and strengthen your wellbeing and resilience.
Rebecca Niebler

Outside the law

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disproportionately and systemically oppressed by the justice system. I wanted to utilise the privileges I have in accessing tertiary education to gain qualifications in an area where I can become an advocate for, and empower, my people.
Sheetal Deo
The human is so impressive that we often only appreciate it when it becomes apparent that it has been disengaged... especially if someone uses the phrase "make America great again."
Shane Budden
What’s a weird fact people wouldn’t know about me? Well … I have a mild allergy to toothpaste and until I developed a tolerance … I used bicarb and salt! How’s that for an opener?!
Lexi Kehl
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