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We are seeking your views for the QLS Call to Parties document for the 2020 state election. Read more here about the issues and have your say today!

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Help us shape the future of the Queensland legal profession. The Future Leaders Committee (FLC) is a platform for next generation lawyers to launch their dreams, ideas and thinking for our profession. Read more about the opportunity to lead the profession into the future.

COVID-19: The road out​

COVID-19 has caused many changes and disruption to our lives. As we still grapple with the new normal, read here about the legacy COVID-19 has left on the way we live and work and what this means for the legal profession.



It may be time for a fresh look at the way we interpret the rules on mitigation.
Christopher Stackpoole
Though advocates' immunity has disappeared from a number of major jurisdictions, there is a strong case for its retention in Australia.
Sam Harvey

In business

In practice


Reflection is a powerful tool to inform and educate a person. Mistakes are inevitable and the real value of mistakes is how you respond and rectify the mistake.
Michele Davis
Do you usually start your days feeling energetic and focused, but find yourself in a mental haze and physically tired by the early afternoon? The key to ensuring that your ability to do high-level work at 4pm is the same that it was a 9am, may involve a more efficient management of your physical, mental and emotional energy levels throughout the day. Here are some tips for a better balance between energy expenditure and renewal.
Rebecca Niebler
Our collective experiences of 2020 - dealing with a pandemic that has changed communities, workplaces and politics all over the world - have not only disrupted business as usual, but have also introduced new challenges in people management. Supporting employees’ mental health and wellbeing is a key responsibility for every manager, and developing and strengthening the skills to do so has become critical this year. Here are some tips and suggestions.
Rebecca Niebler

Outside the law

I believe there is a lot to be said about taking your time following graduation to not just reflect on what you just achieved, but also to avoid burnout and set some goals and take time for yourself.
Sheetal Deo
In the second last year of my law degree, I fell pregnant with my son. I remember looking at the positive pregnancy test and saying to myself - "Okay Sarah. Just do it. You've got this."
Lexi Kehl
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