World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day occurs on 15 June each year. This issue remains a grave concern for the community and appears to have worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. QLS Proctor has assembled articles that paint a disturbing picture of the current state of elder abuse in Australia.

Focus on voluntary assisted dying

QLS Proctor looks at how voluntary assisted dying is expected to work, and republishes a 2019 special feature that offered a range of viewpoints on this topical subject.

Community legal volunteers group photos

Community legal volunteers

Volunteering Queensland – the state’s chief non-profit volunteer and community engagement organisation – estimates that as many as 700,000 of the state’s 5.18 million people give freely of their time each year to make an extraordinary impact on the people, communities and environments in which they live.



In business

In practice

There are simple, practical guidelines that can save you from the potentially devastating consequences of poor communication.
Peter Apel


For lawyers, being unable to grieve in that ‘common’ way can leave us lost as to how to acknowledge the life and death of their client, and to mourn in a healthy way. The grief of the lawyer is worthy of being acknowledged, and affirmed.
Lauren Phelps
Can a world exist where employees don’t fear speaking out or speaking up? In the current climate, this isn’t the case and the fear is very real.
Lauren Phelps

Outside the law

Risk your mental wellbeing now with more disturbingly perceptive musings from Sarah-Elke Kraal.
Sarah-Elke Kraal